There are countless ways volunteers support United Through Reading! Whether you are volunteering at a special event, pushing record on a camcorder, writing a blog post, or collecting auction items, your efforts are the reason service members and military families know UTR is always there to help them stay connected.

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Volunteer Stories

I've volunteered with various military family programs for the better part of the past 20 years. In that time I've seen the exponential increase in resources available to military families, however these resources did not lend the hand to help when my children were in the middle of a melt-down, or wanting to know more about Daddy and why he was away again, or even when I just needed a quiet moment to finish doing the dishes. United Through Reading provided the exact solution I needed when and where I needed it. My husband could still be my partner for story time before nap or bedtime, in the middle of the night, on a long road-trip to visit family, or when I needed a moment to finish chores or just sit quietly. So when United Through Reading needed someone to talk about the program at resource tables at local installation command events I jumped at the chance because of all of the programs that exist for military families - this is one of the very few that meets the exact need at the exact time in the exact place required and my family has benefitted tremendously from it. I actually was offered a chance to work for United Through Reading the week after I spoke about UTR at a Library of Congress event. Even though I was running my own business at the time, and still volunteering with other military family programs, I didn’t hesitate to take the chance to work for this organization. It is very rare life offers a chance to get paid to do work you’re passionate about.

— Alia Reese, UTR volunteer turned staff.