Mary-Lena Kikta

Director of Maritime Programs East | Elkridge, MD

As a member of the Operations team, Mary-Lena facilitates program distribution and implementation to Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Commands throughout the eastern half of the United States and Europe. Through dissemination of the program aboard ships and within military commands and communities, she maximizes the number of service members benefitting from the program in order to ultimately increase connections for military families affected by service related separation.

Mary-Lena earned her Bachelor of Arts in History from Miami University and spent several years as an Air Force Logistics Readiness Officer, both active duty and reserves. She has experience as a project manager and volunteer for numerous military support family events. An active duty Marine Corps spouse, a mom to four children who have benefited from United Through Reading, and an avid reader, she is keenly aware of the hardships faced by military families and is committed to facilitating family support programs and initiatives. Mary-Lena and her family currently reside in Elkridge, Maryland. Contact Mary-Lena at