Molly Haskin

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships | Fort Rucker, AL

As a Programs team member, Molly facilitates program distribution and implementation to Army, Air Force, and Space Force commands around the world. Through dissemination of the program across commands, she maximizes the number of Soldiers benefitting from the program in order to ultimately increase connections for military families affected by service-related separation.

Molly, a licensed, certified Speech Language Pathologist, received her Masters of Science in Communication, Speech, and Hearing Disorders from East Carolina University. She has practiced in her field for ten years and finds the development of early childhood literacy skills a specific area of interest. As an active duty military spouse of 16 years, Molly’s experiences stem from volunteering and leading military family support programs, and she understands the direct benefits these programs provide to her own family during her husband’s multiple deployments. Molly’s husband remains on active duty, and they reside in Fort Rucker, AL with their two children. Contact Molly at