The Passion Behind our Storybook Ball Title Sponsor

November 15, 2016

As a nonprofit of more than 27 years, there are times when United Through Reading (UTR) takes the time to reflect on our accomplishments. When we do, we can clearly see the supporters who have been holding us up, steadfastly pushing us along, coming through, and helping make our dreams a reality.

For the past eight years, BAE Systems, Inc., has been one of those pillars for UTR. During that time they have donated more than $1.3 million. Like any nonprofit, we cannot be successful without both the companies and the individuals that boldly believe in our mission — BAE Systems has provided both.

BAE System’s support of UTR began in 2009 with major sponsorship of Storybook Ball and has continued throughout today with significant and generous support of our mission and the events that support it. As the 2016 Storybook Ball Title Sponsor, they have continued to stand by our military families.

President and CEO of BAE Systems Inc., Jerry DeMuro, at UTR's Tribute to Military Families in 2014.

President and CEO of BAE Systems Inc., Jerry DeMuro, at UTR’s Tribute to Military Families in 2014.

In addition to strong company contributions, BAE Systems employees have been introduced to United Through Reading through volunteer opportunities, corporate board seats, virtual book drives, and employee giving campaigns. And they have become dedicated to working with us to connect military families. During the past five years approximately 1,400 BAE Systems employees have made personal donations to UTR through employee giving campaigns, employee-run fundraisers, and payroll deductions, totaling $216,798.

“Like my colleagues at BAE Systems, I have an extremely strong affinity for the men and women who make incredible sacrifices, going into harm’s way to defend our liberty and freedom. For military moms and dads, this often means many months spent thousands of miles from the children they love. My wife and I are expecting our first child early next year, and the understanding of the emotional bond between a parent and child is becoming more real for me every single day. Recently recording my first story on video, which happened to be one of my favorite books as a child, gave me a whole new perspective and appreciation for important mission UTR fulfills to connect and strengthen military families.”
– Brian Roehrkasse, BAE Systems’ Employee and UTR Trustee

BAE Systems's Employee and UTR Trustee, Brian Roehrkasse, making a UTR video at Association of the United States 2016 Annual Meeting and Trade Show.

BAE Systems’s Employee and UTR Trustee, Brian Roehrkasse, making a UTR video at Association of the United States 2016 Annual Meeting and Trade Show.

“UTR provides an irreplaceable service to deployed members of the armed forces. As an organization that has made it a priority to hire veterans and actively supports veterans through multiple charitable organizations, BAE System’s passion for UTR has rapidly grown throughout the company. Our employees strive to provide the latest technology and innovation to members of the armed forces, and we are proud to assist UTR in delivering this amazing service to them as well. Many of our employees have young children, allowing them to fully understand the necessity of UTR and the impact it has on the military and their families.”
– Cortney Miller, Director, Community Investment, BAE Systems Inc.

The truth is, when it comes to BAE Systems and their employees, it’s so much more than financial support for United Through Reading. Their hearts are behind their giving, their dedication is obvious, and their generosity is unmatched. There is a deep-rooted passion in their support of our military families.

The BAE Systems Inc. table at UTR's Tribute to Military Families in 2016.

The BAE Systems Inc. table at UTR’s Tribute to Military Families in 2016.

“Although monetary support is incredibly valuable to UTR the passion behind the sponsorship is most important. We are honored to be in partnership with BAE Systems, and we are humbled by their lasting commitment to our men and women in uniform.”
– Sally Ann Zoll, Ed.D., Chief Executive Officer, UTR

About BAE Systems: BAE Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Arlington, VA, and has four principal operating groups organized around a combination of the different products and services. BAE Systems is active in five key markets – Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the US.