A young child lays on the floor. They are holding a book while watching a recorded video of their parent reading that same book to them.

Across oceans and continents, distance can't sever the bond between military families. But sometimes, those miles throw up challenges, especially when maintaining precious routines like bedtime stories. Imagine a child, miles away from their deployed parent, snuggling up with a familiar book. Their eyes light up as they hear their family member’s voice reading their favorite story, video recorded just for them. This is where United Through Reading bridges the gap by allowing families to read together, creating moments of connection and shared joy, even when separated by distance.

Where do you fit in? By sharing your story!

Whether it's the laughter echoing through your home as you read a silly rhyme, the quiet snuggles during bedtime, or the tears of joy at a reunion made possible by a recorded video message, your experience can benefit others.

We rely on testimonials from families like yours to showcase the impact of our programs. Your experience can inspire others, offering a glimpse into the joy, comfort, and connection fostered by reading, even when miles apart.

Sharing your family's experience with United Through Reading can:

- Demonstrate our impact

- Offer hope and encouragement to other military families

- Build community

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- Did a United Through Reading video storytime bring your family closer?

Let others see how reading together strengthens the bonds of military families, offering comfort and connection.

- Did reading together help you manage deployment stress or anxiety?

Share how our videos helped bring a sense of normalcy and routine amidst the challenging circumstances separations provide.

- Were you able to capture moments of joy in photos or videos?

Let others see these special moments to inspire their families to do the same.

Every story counts, big or small. By sharing yours in the form below, you contribute to a legacy of resilience, connection, and the transformative power of reading. Your submission might even be featured on our social platforms! Together, we can ensure that the love of reading continues to bridge the miles and unite military families, wherever they may be.

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