service members recording story, reading books with families

Our Mission: United Through Reading strengthens military families’ literacy, emotional bonds, and well-being through the power of reading together at every age, no matter the distance.

Our Vision: A nation of thriving military families whose strength is amplified by a shared love for reading.

Deployments and frequent separations are a reality for military families. In fact, every year, more than 100,000 military parents deploy leaving nearly 250,000 children at home. That's millions of bedtime stories missed each year by military children. 

United Through Reading knows that hearing a parent's voice and seeing their face is a truly unique experience that cannot be replaced. That's why our storytime video recordings are able to be watched on-demand with their own copy of the book, whenever the child misses their service member. Being read to by a parent helps military children feel like their parents are closer to home, reducing stress and anxiety levels and making it easier to cope while their parents are away.

Our storytime video recordings also have many developmental benefits for military children. The shared read aloud experience expands their literacy, vocabulary, and imagination. Also, according to a National Academies of Sciences study, reading stories aloud is associated with positive child outcomes in emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and social competence.

United Through Reading provides benefits for all military family members, not just children. Through these storytime video recordings, servicemembers are also able to maintain close emotional bonds with their families at home, reducing feelings of separation or loneliness and helping them reintegrate to home life when they return.

United Through Reading’s free program is available to all branches of the military, regardless of duty status, including Veterans.

United Through Reading is recognized as a Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency Participant and is rated a 4-Star Charity Navigator Rating.