UTR Volunteer Jim Whitman is seated, holding a brown teddy bear. the bear is wearing a UTR t-shirt.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jim Whitman

Apr 23, 2024

Jim Whitman has been a United Through Reading volunteer for more than three years. Never one to shy away from a volunteer opportunity, Jim can be found sharing UTR program […]

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Remembering RADM Fran Holian, Former United Through Reading Board Chair

Remembering Fran Holian

Feb 2, 2024

United Through Reading lost one of our biggest supporters and longtime leaders, RADM Fran Holian (retired), on November 17, 2023, after a battle with cancer. During Fran’s illustrious Navy career, […]

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Meet our 2024 Reading Trackers

Jan 11, 2024

For 34 years, United Through Reading has championed literacy and connection in military families. For 2024, we have launched three FREE printable reading trackers to ignite your family’s love of […]

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