A Reason to Read Across America

March 2, 2017

Today, our children have so much on their plates with loads of homework, after school activities, sports practices, music lessons and more. Most kids are just as overscheduled as their parents! With busy schedules and electronics vying for their attention, it’s hard to fit in reading time — even though we know it’s important! Did you know less than half (48%) of the adult American population reads literature for pleasure? In fact, the decline occurs across all ages and is most pronounced among the young.

Today, and all month long, United Through Reading is giving military families a chance to stop in their tracks and carve out time to celebrate reading. With National Education Association’s Read Across America, service members can select their favorite Dr. Seuss book and read to their kids with United Through Reading. The campaign is an annual reading motivation and awareness program to help encourage every child, in every community, to celebrate reading starting today — March 2, Dr. Seuss’ Birthday.

This month, we encourage our service members to record special Dr. Seuss stories for kids at home from UTR locations all over the globe! Want to get involved? Read on to find out how!

Active Duty Volunteers:
If you are a United Through Reading active duty coordinator, share your Read Across America activity with us on Facebook at facebook.com/unitedthroughreading. If you’re a volunteer at a UTR permanent record site, spread the word during Read Across America month!

Military families:
If you are a military spouse or a caregiver of military children, get the kids excited about the reading celebration and be ready to record them reading the silliest rhymes from Dr. Seuss! Share your pictures, videos, and stories with us on Facebook, or send them to stories@utr.org.

UTR Friends & Supporters:
You can do so much to help us continue to serve our military families through wonderful campaigns like Read Across America. It’s easy. Visit us online to donate. Remember-a gift is a gift no matter how small!

Thanks for Reading Across America with us!