Celebrate Month of the Military Child!

April 5, 2022

Does your military kid amaze you with their superpowers?

Let’s honor them together during the Month of the Mlitary Child! All you have to do is make recordings on the United Through Reading app anytime from April 1 – May 15. We’ll track your progress and send you prizes at the end of the incentive.

You’ll get a prize for making just one recording! And then earn more prizes once you hit 10, 20, 30, and 40 recordings. The child with the most recordings will win a special grand prize, $100 Amazon Gift Card! At the end of the challenge we’ll reach out to you and find out where you want your prizes sent.

After you make a recording, don’t forget to request your free copy from utr.org/getbooks or online through our App at utrapp.orgAre you new to the United Through Reading App? Welcome! Check out this video for a walkthrough of how to use our App.

April has marked the Defense Department’s Month of the Military Child for nearly 40 years. It is esimated there are more than 1.6 million military children, 18 and under. Military children face challenges as a result of their parents’ service to our country. Month of the Military Child is designed to share our gratitude for these children and their sacrafices.

Also, don’t forget to “purple up” this month to show support for our military children. Purple references all branches of service by combing the colors: the Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard all use shades of blue, the Army uses green, and the Marine Corps use red.