With the increased tempo associated with preparing to deploy, there is limited time to access programs like UTR before deployment. That is why UTR exists all over the globe in many deployed locations. Service members may seek out UTR recording sites when they are away and can make the time to participate. If you are currently separated from your service member or know of an upcoming separation, encourage them to contact UTR by visiting the Program Manager page to find their appropriate UTR Program Manager.

Tips on showing service members how their videos are received and viewed by their children

When you receive your UTR recording, let your service members know how much the children enjoyed it. Take a picture of them viewing the recording for the first time — or take a video! Send your service members the feedback via email or care package. This will motivate and encourage them to make another recording. If you are willing to share these pictures, videos, and reactions with UTR, we would love for you to you send them to us at stories@utr.org, or tag on us on social media!