Maisy helps UTR make bedtime routines fun for our military kids!

September 26, 2017

United Through Reading (UTR) and our friends at Candlewick Press are excited to celebrate 25 years with the children’s character – Maisy Mouse! For 25 years, Maisy has been a companion to children of all ages, bringing joy and teaching lessons in each story.

In one of our favorite stories, Maisy Goes to Bed, Maisy shares her bedtime ritual – complete with brushing her teeth, using the restroom, cuddling with a favorite stuffed toy, and reading a story. Through these actions, Maisy teaches children the importance of good bedtime habits and helps establish a nightly routine.

At UTR, we believe in the importance of a bedtime routine. Routines provide structure, teach children good habits, and aid in early development. And, when parents read to their children as a part of that routine, it bonds families together with an educational foundation and a love of reading.

For a military family, when one parent is deployed, they can miss out on the structure and bond that comes from a bedtime routine. It’s our mission to change that. Through video-recorded stories, deployed military parents can bond with their children from miles away and still be part of their nightly schedule.

Cadence Driscoll was just a few weeks old when United Through Reading was incorporated into her nightly routine. At that time, her father, Captain Driscoll (USAF), was deployed and would not return until she was two months old.

Like many newborns, Cadence was still sleeping all day and playing at night. Looking for a way to settle her daughter in for the night, Cadence’s mom, Cleo, played the UTR videos of her husband reading to Cadence. This helped soothe her daughter before bed and she became familiar with her father’s voice even before they officially met.

“I think sticking to a routine from a young age is important to set up healthy sleep in the future.  With babies, a routine is key!!” – Cleo Driscoll

When Captain Driscoll returned from deployment, Cadence was instantly comfortable with her daddy and they were able to share stories every night in person rather than on a screen.

“My favorite thing about bedtime is just being able to slow down and enjoy the little moments.” – Captain Alex Driscoll, U.S. Air Force

Many UTR families have similar stories of how bedtime routines give their children normalcy in a hectic season and the families all agree: incorporating storytime into a bedtime routine helps families bond, whether or not a parent is deployed.

With Maisy Mouse’s help, we are working to help families establish a bedtime routine and share stories from miles away – and it has never been more fun. Happy Birthday, Maisy!