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Military children are faced with many changes in their young lives, leading to disruptions in routines that can have lifelong implications. They can even fall behind in reading skills, which can have profound effects on their academic careers and futures. 

Listen to our Ready for Reading Podcast, hosted by military spouse, mom, and United Through Reading staff member Josie Beets, to learn why military families should establish reading routines with their children and how to make reading fun for the whole family. 

Episode 1: The importance of routines for military families


Listen to Christy VanVleck, a Navy military spouse and mom, as she shares why she began a reading routine and why she feels it's so important for her family to have a reading routine together. You'll also hear from Dr. Lee Savio Beers, a pediatrician in Washington, DC, a professor of pediatrics at Children's National Hospital, and a former president of the American Academy of Pediatrics (2021). 


The VanVleck family

Beers, Lee

Dr. Lee Savio Beers
Children's National Hospital

Episode 2: How to make reading fun for the whole family


Hear from Navy Lieutenant Commander Graham Van Hook on how his family focuses on routines and how he makes reading time fun. You'll also hear from Alicia Levi, CEO of Reading is Fundamental, on why reading routines matter and tips for reading to your children. 

vanhook reading

The Van Hook Family


Alicia Levi
Reading Is Fundamental

Episode 3: How reading together supports family readiness (and military readiness)


Listen to mom, teacher and Marine Corps military spouse Liz Castro share how reading routines help family readiness and her advice to her fellow military spouses. You'll also hear from Dr. Mark Pisano, a clinical psychologist who has been working with military kids for 39 years, on why connection between military family members is so important and how reading together can help build that connection. 


The Castros

mark pisano

Dr. Mark Pisano
Clinical Psychologist


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