Promoting Literacy with United Through Reading Amidst COVID-19

June 25, 2020

The Fawley family was in the midst of an Army-related separation when COVID-19 stopped everything. What was supposed to be a few weeks apart turned into a month, because of a mandatory quarantine of their Soldier. Then, as they prepared to move to their new duty station, they were separated again, with Lindsey and their 4-year old son going ahead to get settled into their new home in Ohio while their Soldier waited at Ft. Stewart, GA, for his exception to the COVID Stop Movement Order policy which would allow him to move.

Enter United Through Reading.

“Our United Through Reading recordings have been a Godsend! I’m working from home with no childcare during an extended separation due to COVID-19 stop move restrictions,” said Lindsey. “I love that there is something to keep my son connected to his dad that promotes literacy as he watches the videos over and over while reading his book with Daddy!”