Printable Reading Log

Help instill a habit and a love of literacy in your loved ones
by using our printable reading log.

Research shows us that children who read frequently are not only stronger readers, but they have stronger math skills, too.

Reading twenty minutes a day exposes students to roughly 1.8 million vocabulary words a year.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, regular reading positively affects the brain’s cognitive abilities.


About the Reading Log

Our Reading Log has stars for every day of the week, so you or your loved one can mark off every day you read for five weeks. You can decide if the stars represent a certain number of books per day or a certain number of minutes. You can use it for reading together with a United Through Reading video recording or reading independently.

Set a goal and a reward to motivate yourself and your family! Include how many stars you will complete and how you will celebrate meeting your goal.

Rewards could be:

  • To take a family trip to the book store or library to get more books.
  • Having each child pick out a new FREE book for mom or dad to read through the United Through Reading App.

Share your UTR Reading Log on Instagram and tag @utr4military so we can celebrate your progress with you!

Happy reading!


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