Ready to Get Started?

Recording a Video

  1. Make an appointment with your UTR Site Coordinator. You can find that person by emailing
  2. Choose a book that is the appropriate reading level for your child and that they will enjoy. Consider an upcoming birthday or milestone you may miss. UTR volunteers are prepared to guide you through this process.
  3. Read through the book first to familiarize yourself with the story. Think about adding personal experiences or using funny voices to engage your child.
  4. Remember to turn the book towards the camera while you are reading so the children can see the illustrations.
  5. Sit down and relax, look at the camera, and enjoy a moment of normalcy while you bond with your child!

Book List

The United Through Reading book list has been compiled using recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and other high profile associations in the academic field. We have selected books that are high-interest with age appropriate skills and content. The books have pictures designed to engage children along with compelling storylines that are sure to resonate with military children.