Navy Family connects with United Through Reading

June 6, 2022

The Boblett family is dedicated to serving our country. The active-duty Navy family has been using United Through Reading to stay connected for almost a decade through several assignments that took Petty Officer First Class Rex Boblett away from home. As a result, Ryan (18), Annaleigh (16), Louanna (14), and Emmalyn (11) all have fond memories of sacred storytime provided by United Through Reading.

Their mother, Veronica, says, “you have that challenge of keeping the family connected. United Through Reading was our favorite connection, keeping my husband a present part of our family when he was away.”

Emmalyn Boblett says United Through Reading provided a feeling that her father was always there, even when he was away. “It makes me know they are safe, and I can see them whenever I want. Anytime I want to hear Dad, I just put it on,” explained Emmalyn. She also believes reading along with her deployed dad builds her confidence reading. She said, “I struggle with reading because I am dyslexic, and being able to follow along in the book while Dad reads helped me learn reading better. It also felt more comfortable because Dad has dyslexia too. Since he can do it, I can do it,”

Ryan Boblett also has fond memories of story time with his dad provided by United Through Reading. He said, “Video chats lose quality, and emails don’t have funny voices and actions Dad would provide. However, United Through Reading has provided just that. And for that, I am thankful.”

Recently, Ryan followed in his dad’s footsteps and joined the Navy. He said, “I am a United States Sailor – those six words have meant so much to me throughout my life. From growing up in a Naval household to shedding my recruit cap for a Navy cover after Battlestation, the military and those six words have fueled my life.”

Like his dad, Seaman Boblett sends United Through Reading storytime recordings home to stay connected with his three sisters and build a lifelong love of reading. “Our family found a resource that made this all so much easier. Hearing their happiness from Naval Station Great Lakes Recruit Training Command gave me that push to fight through all my training,” explains Ryan.

Seaman Boblett was recently assigned to the Navy’s submarine service. He says, “That brings about new challenges. Those new challenges have the possibility of serving aboard a boat where I might be without any contact with my family for months on end. Yet, I’m not worried, for I have something that will give me a way to read my sisters a bedtime story every night with United Through Reading. My sisters will now get their big brother on that screen.”

The Boblett family served as keynote speakers at our Tribute to Military Families event in Washington, D.C. Petty Officer First Class Rex Boblett was not in attendance because he is currently serving overseas. So Ryan stepped up to speak for their family.

Veronica said, “I’m so proud of these kids of ours. They represented our family so well at Tribute to Military Families, telling our story and love for United Through Reading.”