STEM the Summer Slide with Northrop Grumman

June 15, 2020

Every summer we STEM the Summer Slide with our partners at Northrop Grumman. Summer

Our entire Summer book kit features 18 books featuring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math subjects. The books are available at our Story Stations around the world and for app users through our book order form. Read about each of these books in our Book List.

Let’s take a peek inside at what we’re reading together this summer:

Books about Animals and Dinosaurs

Kids love animals and dinosaurs so it’s a great entry point to talk about various STEM subjects and spark imagination about the world around us. We have a number of books to inspire your future paleontologist, marine biologist, or zoologist.


Experiments and Engineering

One of the most exciting things about STEM is seeing the subjects in action, by doing experiments or building something. Not only is this a great way to apply the subjects that you’re learning about, but it reinforces what is being learned. Inspire your child to keep trying and continue experimenting with these STEM books that are all about science fairs, experiments, building projects, and even a two time Nobel Prize winning Scientist.


Math is such an integral part of life, from the basics of shopping and balancing a budget, to the math that launched Americans to the moon more than 50 years ago, it truly makes up the world around us. Whether you have a future mathematician or a reluctant math learner, these books help introduce math to young readers in an accessible and inspiring way.

STEM Board Books

It is never too early to introduce STEM to the child in your life. These board books make a great addition to the library of every newborn through toddler while explaining the world around them – from the smallest caterpillar to the largest planet and every fruit and vegetable inbetween.