This Little Girl First Got to Know Her Father’s Voice Through UTR

July 1, 2017

Cadence Driscoll was born into this world without meeting her father – U.S. Army Captain Alex Driscoll was deployed to Afghanistan for his second tour during the birth of his firstborn. Although Capt. Driscoll was Skyped in from miles away, the distance still took a toll on him and his growing family. They found UTR helped bridge the distance. Capt. Driscoll surprised his wife, Cleo, and unborn baby with his first recording while en route to Afghanistan. His second video arrived after Cleo gave birth to their baby girl.

“He kind of got lost in it a little bit I think,” Cleo admitted when describing her husband in the videos, “It was a little break for him where he could feel connected to us in the midst of all the craziness going on.”

As a comfort mechanism for Cleo, and a way for Cadence to virtually meet her father – the two watched the videos every night while Capt. Driscoll was away from home. “I would put [the video] in the laptop and sit her up on my chest and play it for her. I really think that helped her be comfortable with him when he came home. She was so fascinated with looking at him when he talked to her when they finally met. No fussing or crying, she just watched him. You definitely could tell she was used to his voice.”