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The Reading & Resiliency webinar series will discuss how resiliency through reading is attainable, accessible, and adaptable for every child in our diverse military community.

Learn more about how United Through Reading supports military children education by reading our new white paper, Reading & Resiliency: Making Literacy A Military Community Priority.


Advancing Literacy Skills in Military Children

April 21, 11 AM ET

Literacy is a foundational skill for lifelong learning; reading aloud lays the groundwork for future educational success for our military children. Military life can negatively impact military children’s education, and COVID-19 learning environments have added more challenges for all children. Our panel of education experts will discuss the unique educational risk factors military children face and how reading aloud with United Through Reading can help build strong literacy skills for lifelong educational success. 

Panelists include:

Barbara Thompson
National Advisor, Military Child Education Coalition, Blue Star Families, and the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue; and Former Director, Office of Military Family Readiness Policy, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Dr. Lee Beers
President, American Academy of Pediatrics


Building Community Through Military Family Literacy

May 19, 11 AM ET

Strong military community support for the foundational importance of literacy not only improves the lives of military families but it can also improve retention, morale, and overall mission readiness. Making sure military children’s education is supported through strong literacy skills is another tool to help maintain high levels of family quality of life. Our panel of business leaders will discuss why corporate support for organizations is a key component of military family support. 

Keeping Military Families Connected and Reading Ready

June 16, 11 AM ET

Keeping a reading routine, even from far away, can help both the service member and the family feel connected, improving morale. Maintaining family routines, like daily reading, not only helps military children feel secure, but helps them develop positive habits and prioritize reading, reinforcing the foundation for future academic success. Our panel of military community and legislative leaders will discuss how military readiness and family connectedness are linked and how shared reading time not only improves military children’s education but also military family lives. 


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