If you want to bring UTR to your location please contact us at military@utr.org and a UTR Program Manager will walk you through the steps.

In order to start UTR at your site, we need to obtain approval from your Chain of Command. Once we have approval, we will set up a training session and assign you a Program Manager. Training can be done in person, over the phone, or over video chat and take about an hour. UTR will then ensure you have all the books and supplies you need.

It is best to contact us at least two months before you wish to begin your recording sessions to ensure enough time for training, securing equipment, and shipping of supplies.

If you are taking over an existing site, hopefully your predecessor was able to conduct a detailed turnover with you and you already know the program basics. Be sure to reach out to your UTR Program Manager to ensure that you have all the necessary supplies you need to run UTR. They will also be sure to get you fully up to speed on all things UTR! If you aren’t sure who your UTR Program Manager is, please reach out to us at military@utr.org and we’ll connect you.