Together, We Unite Military Families Facing Physical Separation By Facilitating The Bonding Experience Of Reading Aloud

40 Million Stories

Every year, more than 100,000 military parents deploy leaving nearly 250,000 children at home. A conservative separation is about 6-months — that means these military children have 180 nights without their parent home for a bedtime story. That’s 40 million bedtime stories missed each year by military children. United Through Reading connects military families through the read-aloud experience, and we are working to close the gap so that every military child has the opportunity for bedtime stories.

For deployed military families, the mission of United Through Reading is crucial. The ability to maintain a sense of family unity while they are separated is paramount to their succeeding and thriving. UTR builds resiliency and strength in military families.

Sally Ann Zoll, ED.D. | CEO United Through Reading

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