Science of Reading

Jul 23, 2020

Books with engaging science, technology, engineering, and math themes from our STEM book give, brought to you by our partner Northrop Grumman, have reached United Through Reading story stations around the world. As military children look forward to their service members selecting one of these books to read aloud, it can be helpful for everyone […]

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Promoting Literacy with United Through Reading Amidst COVID-19

Jun 25, 2020

The Fawley family was in the midst of an Army-related separation when COVID-19 stopped everything. What was supposed to be a few weeks apart turned into a month, because of a mandatory quarantine of their Soldier. Then, as they prepared to move to their new duty station, they were separated again, with Lindsey and their […]

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Record High Summer Reading

Jun 23, 2020

Your United Through Reading recordings are an important connection to the children in your life every day, whether away from home for training or a deployment. Register below for UTR’s RECORD HIGH SUMMER READING and then set your own recording for UTR recordings from July 6 to August 7. Earn prizes for every 1st, 4th, […]

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UTR Staff’s Favorite Books

Jun 22, 2020

At United Through Reading, we want to help your military family be mission and reading ready. Daily reading is a key part of strengthening a child’s literacy skills and educational development. By having a library of UTR recordings to choose from, your military child will be creating those important bonds with you while learning. We […]

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STEM the Summer Slide with Northrop Grumman

Jun 15, 2020

Every summer we STEM the Summer Slide with our partners at Northrop Grumman. Summer Our entire Summer book kit features 18 books featuring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math subjects. The books are available at our Story Stations around the world and for app users through our book order form. Read about each of these books […]

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Who Was? History Bee Champion
Supports Military Families

Jun 10, 2020

Quade Kelley, a fifth-grader from Encinitas, Calif., had one focus⁠ — to be the very first National Champion of The Who Was? History Bee, a contest inspired by the Who Was? series of children’s biographies of important historical figures and a series that United Through Reading often sends to our Story Stations around the world. […]

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Books Celebrating Black Americans

Jun 2, 2020

Reading is an effective way to open discussions with your children about the world around them. Books can act as a window into other cultures and a mirror for our own experiences. Kids who see their own experiences reflected in books gain self-confidence, and reading about experiences different from their own helps kids develop curiosity […]

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United Through Reading and Elva Resa Publishing Partner to Deliver Digital Books to Service Members During COVID-19

May 28, 2020

United Through Reading and Elva Resa Publishing announced a new partnership today to ensure service members with limited or no access to physical books can still remain connected to their families through the United Through Reading App and digital copies of Elva Resa books. United Through Reading provides recording capabilities for military parents to make […]

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United Through Reading Brings Respite During Coronavirus Crisis

May 28, 2020

The Gilbert family is no stranger to time apart due to deployments and trainings during their time in the Navy. But the COVID-19 crisis presented new challenges. A four-week planned training was extended to six weeks with the addition of a two week isolation in Navy Lodging prior to leaving. The six weeks then turned […]

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Benefits of Audiobooks in a Screen Heavy Environment

May 27, 2020

We’re excited to share reading resources from Molly Haskin, UTR’s Director of Army and Air Force Programs, and a licensed, certified Speech Language Pathologist, with you. These tips will help you support your child’s reading skills. In the current environment, children have had to quickly transition to spending significantly more time in front of screens for […]

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