A young child sits under a tree. They are wearing shorts and a Tshirt. Their shoes are nearby. They are reading a book.

Summer Slide Resources for Parents

June 15, 2023

Summer Slide is an academic term that has been around since the 1980s. It describes the learning loss that can happen to students while they’re out of school over the summer break. We’ve compiled all the tips and resources from our site into this handy guide and clips of our CEO, Tim Farrell, during his television appearances on ABC News and WJLA, and his radio interview with Living Better San Diego.

Though our services and app are exclusively for military families, our literacy tips, reading lists, and resources are for all parents, caregivers, and educators.

Links, Printables and Resources

10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Reading This Summer
How To Start  a Book Club This Summer
5 Tips for Preventing Learning Loss During Summer Break
How To Stop Summer Learning Loss
STEM the Summer Slide With Our Latest Books
Early Literacy Language Development Resources
3 Reasons to Add Reading to Your Daily Routines
The 5 Big Ideas of Literacy and How to Help Your Emerging Reader
7 Tips to Make 2023 Your Family’s Best Reading Year

All ages printable Literacy Guides
Printable Reading Log
Printable Read Aloud Activity Calendar

Seasons 1 and 2 of the Ready for Reading Podcast 
Our full Book List

Tim Farrell on ABC News Live (5 minutes)
Tim Farrell on Living Better San Diego (15 minutes)